Jensen Flatware for the Collector

As every reader of this website knows well, spoons and flatware in general are an ideal collectors item. This is as true of Jensen as anything else. With a few exceptions basic pieces of Jensen flatware can be obtained for under a hundred pounds a piece, and so it is affordable and relatively easy to obtain a piece of work by a very respected designer. Indeed, I have tried to show that Jensen flatware is representative of the general trends of 20th century design. There are excellent examples of the Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Post War functionalism and mid century modernism. Many of the designs are iconic and considered design classics. Some of the greatest designers of the 20th century worked for Georg Jensen at one time or another, and so a collection of Jensen flatware would represent such greats as Jensen himself, Johan Rohde, Harald Nilsen and Henning Köppel.

Above all else though, in my opinion, Jensen flatware has one overriding and impressive characteristic: it works.
Those of us in love with British flatware are spoilt. We are used to the fact that almost every design from early times to the present is made with use in mind- well balanced, fits nicely in the hand and is designed with use in mind.
The same is not always true of Continental flatware where too often function is the slave of form, or quality is the slave of cost. Jensen flatware however, feels good in the hand, is beautifully made and designed for use as much as for aesthetics.
It Is little wonder then, that the flatware of Georg Jensen is so widely respected, collected and above all else, used.

Article by James Baldwin

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