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Old Sheffield Plate
In this section you will find our range of Old Sheffield Plate, both 18th and 19th century. Old Sheffield Plate dates from the 1750's to approximately the 1850's and we stock Sheffield Plate of all periods.

Old Sheffield Plate is superior to Electroplate in a number of ways. It tends to be better quality, is generally hand rather than machine made, and more elegant in design than much Victorian Electroplate. It is also of great interest to collectors, and is a subject of study to students of the Industrial Revolution as well as those of Georgian design.

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An Antique Old Sheffield Plate Goblet

This fine Old Sheffield Plate goblet is in the Neoclassical style, and very fine quality. It was made circa 1800 and is in absolutely wonderful condition. There... More Details & Photos


An Old Sheffield Plate Sugar Bowl and Cover by Matthew Boulton

This beautiful and rare piece of Old Sheffield Plate was made by Matthew Boulton. It was made circa 1780, most likely before 1782, as it is completely unmarked.... More Details & Photos


A First Period Old Sheffield Plate Georgian Snuff Box

This beautiful little Georgian First Period Old Sheffield Plate box is really quite beautiful. A rare collectable piece, these boxes are one of the first things... More Details & Photos


A Fine Pair of Early Victorian Candlesticks

These really are a stunning pair of candlesticks. They are either very early electroplate or late Old Sheffield Plate. As you can see they are of wonderful design... More Details & Photos


A Georgian Old Sheffield Plate Teapot made c1820

This Georgian Old Sheffield Plate Teapot was made c1820 and is a 1760's reproduction. It has silver edges around the lid and a very fine handle. It also has slight... More Details & Photos