A set of Victorian Silver Plate and Ivory Fruit Knives and ForksSOLD

This stunning set of fruit cutlery for 12 persons was made in England circa 1860, by Joseph Rodgers and Sons and is of the finest quality.

The handles are wonderfully carved while the blades and tines are engraved beautifully with scrolls and arabesques. There are 24 pieces in all, 12 knives and 12 forks. Each piece is marked for Joseph Rodgers and Sons, as is the beautiful presentation box.

The condition of this set is really quite remarkable considering the age and composition. There are no splits to the handles, the plate is in fine order, and in general these pieces are showing the attractive wear one only gets with many many decades of handling and care. The box is also in good condition, although there is no key, and the hinge at the back is a little loose- it is not really advisable to leave the lid open and upright without support.


Type: Fruit Set
Function: Dining
Maker: Joseph Rogers and Sons
Country: England

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