A Post War Silver Goblet by Gerald Benney: London 1973SOLD

This stylish Post War silver cup was made by Gerald Benney in London 1973. It is of beautiful quality, bearing Benney's signature "Bark Effect" decoration. Unusually for Gerald Benney, it is silver gilt both inside and out. The base metal is, of course, Sterling Silver.

Benney was a highly important silversmith of the Post War British era. Now his work fetches more than any other silversmith of his generation, including the much admired and famous Stuart Devlin!

The Gerald Benney Silver Goblet stands a fraction over 15cm tall and is over 8cm diameter at the lip. It is heavy, weighing 287g, and of excellent quality. Benney was truly a master of producing fine items in sterling silver, and this beautiful Post War Silver goblet is no exception. A wonderful example of Post War British Design.

Type: Cups
Function: Wine Related
Maker: Gerald Benney
Country: England

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