An 18th Century Spanish Colonial Silver Vase- GuatemalaSOLD

This solid silver vase is Spanish Colonial silver, and very early. It is of typical Guatemalan form, with charming cast handles of scrolls and human figures. The Spanish Colonial vase has traces of original mercury gilding on the inside, foot and on the handles. Although this is vase shaped I do in fact believe it to be something very rare- a Spanish Colonial Silver Spittoon!

Spanish Colonial silver is always of beautiful heavy gauge in the 18th century, and has a tactile lustre to it. The gilding on this vessel adds to its rustic and aged charm.

Like all Spanish Colonial silver it is well made, but somewhat rustically and without the sophistication of European ornamentation. Therefore it has a slightly beaten appearance. It is in good condition with no serious problems, but is somewhat irregular here and there, as a collector of Spanish Colonial silver would expect.

There are no marks of any kind, which again, is quite typical for Spanish Colonial silver. A rare example of 18th Century Guatemalan silver which would be at home in any collection of fine Spanish Colonial silver.

Type: vase
Function: decorative silver
Country: Spanish Colonial

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