Antique Silver Boxes

Antique Silver Boxes of all kinds can be found here, in our Silver Box section. This area includes silver cigar boxes, silver plate boxes, antique silver snuff boxes and antique silver vinaigrettes. Many of these collectable boxes are Georgian silver. Novelty boxes are usually Victorian silver. Of course, while many boxes have a specific purpose, such as the storage of snuff or cigars, others are multi-purpose. Originally they may have been silver jewelry boxes for the dressing table, but now could be used for all sorts of items. Likewise, some general table boxes could easily be used as silver jewelry boxes, or for anything one chooses. Antique silver boxes are useful as well as beautiful.

Antique silver Snuff Boxes were, as the name implies, for carrying snuff. The taking of snuff was a habit which began in Europe not long after the discovery of the Americas and, by association, Tobacco. Snuff was powdered tobacco mixed with many different aromatic substances, and by the 18th century was the height of fashion. Not only was a gentleman judged on how elegantly he took snuff, but on the magnificence of the silver snuff box he carried it in!

Silver vinaigrettes, on the other hand, were receptacles for a piece of sponge moistened with perfume, or smelling salts. The purpose of this strange little vessel was to protect one's olfactory sense from the assaults of the filthy Georgian street!

Silver Cigar boxes are usually early to mid 20th century, and lined with cedar wood. Cedar wood both imparts an aromatic flavour to the cigars, and keeps them moist, but not overly so. Many silver cigar boxes are art deco in design, a masculine style for a masculine object!

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A Lalaounis Greek Sterling Silver Box

A beautifully crafted sterling silver box by the renowned Greek jeweler Ilias Lalaounis, which was made in the second half of the 20th century.The fine decoration... More Details & Photos

A Fine Russian Silver Filligree Box

This very fine Russian Filligree casket was made in Moscow 1873 by Michael Andreyev. It measures 7x5x4.5cm and is of superb workmanship. The filigree silver is precise... More Details & Photos


A Hester Bateman Silver Georgian Cowrie Shell Snuff Box

This Hester Bateman snuff box is extremely rare. It is a Georgian silver Cowrie Shell snuff box, made circa 1780. Hester Bateman was the "Queen of English silver",... More Details & Photos


A Victorian Electrotype silver plated jewelry box

This beautiful Victorian Electrotype box was made circa 1880, and is of excellent quality. It is lined with velvet, and originally intended as a silver plate jewelry... More Details & Photos


A Persian Silver Cigarette Box from Isfahan

This Persian silver box was made in the city of Isfahan, probably in the first half of the 20th century. It is in a style popular in Iran for many years previously... More Details & Photos