Antique Silver Cups

What could be a greater expression of luxury than to drink from a sterling silver cup? Native American Indians were known to purify water in silver cups, as the metal has antiseptic properties. More than that though, a cold liquid frosts the outside of a silver cup beautifully, and feels soft and lustrous in the hand. Silver Cup is a general term. Ordinarily one terms a silver cup with a stem like a wine glass, a silver goblet, while a flat bottomed vessel is more regularly called a silver beaker. A third type exists also, the silver tumbler cup, which has a rounded bottom, and is fabled to be a silver cup for coach travelling- the round bottom allowing the vessel to roll with the movement of the coach instead of tipping over.

Early Antique silver cups and silver goblets are sometimes found in sets, but usually alone or sometimes, if one is lucky, in pairs. In Victorian times it is more common to find larger sets, although this is still not common as they are often split up.

Silver Beakers, Silver cups and Silver Goblets come from many different places, and from a large veriety of different periods. French silver beakers are one of the more regularly found objects from the 18th century- so much French silver was melted down only small objects, usually flatware, survive. But french silver cups and beakers can be found, and are usually of beautiful quality.
We also carry a stock of interesting Scandinavian silver beakers and cups, and also German beakers, cups and goblets.

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A Pair of Post War Silver Beakers by Stuart Devlin

This fine pair of silver beakers were made by Stuart Devlin in 1980, and are very fine quality. They each stand 13cm tall and weigh 404g total. Stuart Devlin is... More Details & Photos


A Georg Jensen silver beaker

This Georg Jensen silver beaker or Christening cup was made in Copenhagen circa 1930 by Georg Jensen. It bears a Dutch control mark, and underneath the Dutch inscription... More Details & Photos


An Antique Old Sheffield Plate Goblet

This fine Old Sheffield Plate goblet is in the Neoclassical style, and very fine quality. It was made circa 1800 and is in absolutely wonderful condition. There... More Details & Photos


A Post War Silver Goblet by Gerald Benney: London 1973

This stylish Post War silver cup was made by Gerald Benney in London 1973. It is of beautiful quality, bearing Benney's signature "Bark Effect" decoration. Unusually... More Details & Photos


A Danish Silver Beaker circa 1740

This beautiful Danish silver beaker was made circa 1740 and is beautifully chased with Baroque flowers.It is of good size and gauge, feeling substantial in the hand.... More Details & Photos