Antique Silver Jugs and Claret Jugs

From fine silver claret jugs and Wine Jugs to sterling water pitchers, Georgian silver beer jugs and victorian wine ewers, silver has always been a metal from which people fashioned vessels to contain liquid.

Silver jugs and wine ewers were old even in Roman times. As long as people have been fashioning objects from silver, they have made silver jugs. Wine ewers were first made to emulate ancient ceramic vessels, and used for serving liquid at special ceremonies and occasions. In renaissance times the famous silversmith Cellini fashioned a silver wine jug, the design of which endured in popular culture, and was reproduced in the Victorian period.
In Georgian times fine silver beer jugs holding up to four pints were made, quite plain with elegant and cheerful proportions. Later in the century tall and elegant neoclassical jugs were produced, sometimes used as wine ewers or, as part of tea equipage, as hot water jugs.

In the early 19th century we see the arrival of the silver claret jug, an antique silver jug made of silver and cut crystal, or in the finest examples, rock crystal. These were often fabulously ornate, with elegant patterns in the glass which sparkled marvellously under candle light. Claret jugs were intended for the serving of Red Bordeaux wine, from which they get their name, but antique silver claret jugs are used today for any sort of liquid which one wishes to serve in style!

Please note that cream jugs can be found under Silver Teaware.

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