Antique Silver Salts

Antique silver salts are a familiar vessel to most, a simple or ornate dish which contained salt for the dinner table. However, the silver salt has very interesting origins.

Salt was once an expensive commodity, and as such Required a magnificent vessel to accommodate it. The earliest antique silver salts were impressive "standing salts" from which the master would fill smaller silver salts known as table salts. Control of the salt was a symbolic position of power and status, guests were seated in relation to it, and it is from this tradition that we get the expression "below the salt", meaning that a person was in a subordinate position.

The silver table salts were the true origin of the antique silver salts we use today, usually they were known as silver trencher salts or silver trenchers. In the eighteenth century silver salts grew legs, and became cauldron salts- a design common to this day.

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A Pair of Regency Old Sheffield Plate Salt Dishes

These old Sheffield Plate dishes are heavy, and of beautiful quality. They are circa 1805, fire gilt inside, while the borders are applied sterling silver. The gilding... More Details & Photos


A pair of Georg Jensen Silver Salts with spoons

These silver salts were made by Georg Jensen in Denmark, 1933. They are of good quality and substantial gauge. The salt spoons match, and are marked with the post... More Details & Photos


A Pair of Renaissance style Antique Silver Plate Salts

These outstanding Renaissance style salts are made in English Silver Plate circa 1860. They are of truly wonderful quality, cast and hand chased, silvered and gilt.... More Details & Photos


A Pair of Arts and Crafts Salts by A E Jones

These beautiful antique silver salt cellars were made by A E Jones, Birmingham 1904. They are excellent examples of Arts and Crafts Silver, for which A E Jones was... More Details & Photos


A Pair of Victorian Sterling Silver Salts made 1880

A Pair of Victorian Sterling Silver Salts made in London by James Barclay Hennellin 1880.These salts are very much in the classical adams style with swags,... More Details & Photos