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Old Sheffield Plate
In this section you will find our range of Old Sheffield Plate, both 18th and 19th century. Old Sheffield Plate dates from the 1750's to approximately the 1850's and we stock Sheffield Plate of all periods.

Old Sheffield Plate is superior to Electroplate in a number of ways. It tends to be better quality, is generally hand rather than machine made, and more elegant in design than much Victorian Electroplate. It is also of great interest to collectors, and is a subject of study to students of the Industrial Revolution as well as those of Georgian design.

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A Pair of First Period Old Sheffield Plate Candlesticks

A rare pair of very early Old Sheffield Plate candlesticks made in Sheffield by John Hoyland & Company.The pair is in a very good condition and is bleeding... More Details & Photos

An Empire Style French Old Sheffield Plate Coffee Pot

This is a rare example of French Old Sheffield Plate! The fact that some Sheffield Plate was made in France is a little known fact, and this beautiful French silver... More Details & Photos

A First Period Old Sheffield Plate Sweetmeat Basket

This beautiful little Old Sheffield Plate sweetmeat basket was made in Sheffield circa 1770. It is in good condition with an attractive amount of bleeding. There... More Details & Photos

An Old Sheffield Plate wine label or Bottle Ticket for Rum

This pretty little Old Sheffield Plate Wine Label or Bottle Ticket is for Rum. It was made in the Georgian period, during the reign of George III- approximately... More Details & Photos

A pair of Old Sheffield Plate Sugar Tongs

This pretty pair of Old Sheffield Plate sugar tongs were made circa 1780, and are an example of Old Sheffield Plate flatware. Flatware in Old Sheffield Plate is... More Details & Photos